My name is Gina. I am a photographer.


  • Mostly my photography journey has been years of snapping away for nothing more than my personal projects, self-teaching and joy.  All of this, eventually led to Gina Diaz Photography.
  • I strive to let my clients shine through in their portraits and head shots. And when they  tell me their experience with me was fun, I High 5 myself!
  • Met my husband, Steve, during our first year of high school and married 8 years later. Together we grew two boys, Reece & Guy. They are crazy little dudes and a bit nocturnal.
  • I believe in… Christ, true love, sincerity, moments of silence, and giving.
  • I am addicted to … coffee, Van Morrison, my down comforter and jeans {try them all that same time; thank me later}
  • I avoid … mushrooms, parking garages and people who know everything.
  • I dream that one day… I’ll be able to take naps again and that my husband will smile when he passes by my little clutters of crafting supplies tucked neatly about.
  • My head is strong , my passions are deep and yet I remain full of uncertainties.

Now, let me take your picture!